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Message from Dean

Welcome to the website of The Community College at Lingnan University (CCLU) and Lingnan Institute of Further Education (LIFE). With the support from the University, CCLU and LIFE will strive for further enhancement on four salient areas in our future development plan, covering (1) Student Learning, (2) Quality Assurance, (3) Programme Development, and (4) Staff Development. 


Student learning is always our top priority that is putting students at the heart of the learning process, and is central to our mission. By adopting the student-centred approach, CCLU and LIFE are committed to providing all-round education to our students and caring about the whole-person development of our students which is characterized by innovativeness in teaching and learning. In 2013-14 academic year, our teacher-student ratio will be further improved so as to build a student-centric environment for accelerating students’ learning. More resources will be invested in the aspect of student affairs to strengthen our student-support services, co-curricular activities and exchange programmes, and thus enrich their whole-personal growth, heighten their ability and build self-confidence. With headquarters situated in Lingnan University, CCLU and LIFE aim for betterment to cultivate a fascinating learning environment by offering a university campus and well-equipped downtown education centres which provide full access to all brand-new learning facilities and amenities. The learning environment at our education centres will be further enhanced by furnishing with extra educational hardware which is known as the necessary vehicle for moving students to high gear in their intellectual development. Our supporting services at education centres are also reinforced. By aligning with the University’s library, students can enjoy library services through the online book reservation system and our book delivery service. Alternatively, students can reach our Central Learning Resources Centre at Tsim Sha Tsui Chinachem Education Centre which is equipped with nearly 5,000 pieces of reference book covering areas of arts & humanities, business studies, social sciences, information technology and tourism.

In addition, strengthening quality is also part of our ongoing mission to help drive the development of CCLU and LIFE. CCLU and LIFE are vigilant in the programme quality. All programmes are implemented under the stringent quality assurance system, in which all of our sub-degree programmes are accredited and recognized at Hong Kong Qualifications Framework Level 4. By the same token, our professional lecturers aim to equip students with a competitive edge. Their dedication to the philosophy of providing top quality education in a friendly and interactive atmosphere with individual attention to the needs of students can be proven by the intimate teacher-student relationship. Our administrative staff also serves as a supportive army which is devoted to nurturing the potential of students through trust and respect. To fulfill our mission, what is more, CCLU and LIFE will seize every chance to put more resources for improvement and provide quality learning opportunities to our students.

At CCLU and LIFE, we provide high quality full-time Associate Degree and Higher Diploma programmes respectively. In the meantime, LIFE also offers quality further education opportunities, including full-time and part-time programmes in advanced levels, to meet different aspirations and needs of learners for fulfilling their educational pursuits. In the short run, LIFE will identify more renowned overseas universities to develop an array of international top-up degree programmes for extending the articulation pathway of our sub-degree graduates. LIFE will also continue to collaborate with meritocratic partners for offering life-long learning programmes in flexible learning modes for adult learners to cater for the need of knowledge-based economy. Moreover, the new direction of LIFE is to consecrate to the development of organizational learning to nurture high-caliber candidates for meeting the changing needs of Hong Kong.

As the affiliated institutions of Lingnan University, CCLU and LIFE surely continue working with other units of the University hand in hand to turn a new page in the development of CCLU and LIFE. We want you to discover the ways that CCLU and LIFE can make you well-equipped and contribute to your success through our educational programmes. 

Dr NG Hoi-man, Brandon
Dean of the Community College and Further Education
Lingnan University

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