Student life

LIFE cater to the needs of students, not only in the aspect of knowledge acquisition but also for their whole person development. We are committed to assisting the students to maximize their potentials through various activities, such as articulation seminars, personal growth activities and community participation programmes. We take care of the psychosocial development of students and encourage them to pursue lifelong learning in order to make contribution to the society.
Personal Growth and Counselling Service

Our student counsellor is ready to help students adapt in a new learning environment. Through individual and group activities, students can acquire and develop a variety of skills such as study skills, teamwork, leadership, stress management and career planning. Students will have the opportunity to gain better self-understanding, identify and develop their potentials as well. If you have any difficulties in relation to personal, peer or study issue, you can fill up the online counselling form at for making appointment with our counsellor.

Career Lifetime Planning

To prepare the student’s readiness for their career or further study after graduation, we provide a wide-range of career development programmes and activities, such as articulation seminars, resume writing workshops, interview skills workshops and recruitment talks.
Student Leadership Programme

The Student Leadership Programme aims at helping students to explore and enhance their leadership potentials through intensive training and community services. It helps to develop the self-confidence of students and widen their horizons with valuable skills for the future challenges.
Skills Upgrading

Aiming at strengthening student’s competitiveness, number of award-bearing skill training courses is provided for them to obtain international recognized qualifications.
Experiential Learning Activities

We provide students with opportunity to experience and reflect on life goals through engaging in various activities and community services.
Overseas Exchange and Service Learning Tour

To equip students with an international vision and broaden their exposure to multi-cultural environment, we have organized overseas tours for students.
Co-curricular Activities

Students are highly recommended to organize or participate in wide-range of co-curricular activities such as singing contest, sports day and other leisure activities.