Graduate Sharing

  • Life, Health & Leisure
    • 曾燕填


      • 體適能訓練及管理高級文憑二年級
      體適能培訓及管理高級文憑課 程為學生提供200小時的實習機會。過去一年,我和另外六位同學選擇了在嶺南大學學生服務中心體育部進行實習,協助籌辦不同的大專運動比賽及體育活動,讓我認識了各項比賽的球例以及接觸一些較冷門 的運動,實在獲益良多。
    • Ho Wai Lun

      Ho Wai Lun

      • Graduate of Higher Diploma in Fitness Training and Management 2015
      • Year 3, Bachelor of Social Sciences (Hons) in Sport and Recreation Leadership, Hong Kong Baptist University
      Higher Diploma in Fitness Training and Management at LIFE covers basic fitness and sports science theory, practicum in resistance training, prevention and management of sports injuries, exercise prescription for people with chronic ollnesses and disabilities, training instruction for children and elderly, nutrition and weight management.  Students are also placed for a minimum of 200-hour practicum so that I had a chance to assist organizing the inter-school competitions as well as some school games in order to practice the knowledge learned in class.  I was able to enjoy full access to the facilities at Lingnan University such as the multi-purpose outdoor sports ground, swimming pool and Sports Complex.  Lastly, the knowledge and experience leant from being the captain of track and field team helped me a lot for my further study and future sports career.
    • 季芷晴


      • 2019年體適能培訓及管理高級文憑課程畢業生
      • 升讀香港教育大學科學教育榮譽學士(運動科學) 課程三年級