Higher Diploma in Psychology (Guidance and Counselling)

Key Features

  • Equipping students with a solid foundation in psychology and counselling

  • Arranging group-based counselling activities

  • Engaging students in a 60-hour service learning to sharpen their practical counselling skills

Programme Objectives

  • Equips students with knowledge of major concepts, theories, skills, and research findings in psychology and counselling

  • Helps students to apply psychological and counselling principles to deal with personal, social, academic, and job-related issues

  • Trains students to analyse psychological and behavioral issues scientifically

Programme Learning Outcomes

Upon completion, students will be able to:​
  • apply therapeutic models in psychology and counselling in social service industry;
  • identify the etiology and intervention strategies of mental health problems;
  • examine the role of counsellors in agencies;
  • recognize the impact of diversity upon group processes and dynamics;
  • demonstrate proficiency in oral and written language competence in both English and Chinese for future studies or work; and
  • apply problem-solving, IT and critical thinking skills for handling further studies or career pursuit.


General Education (24 Credits)

  • General English

  • English for Academic Purposes I

  • Business Communication

  • Chinese Language for Communication I

  • Chinese Language for Communication II

  • Introduction to Information Literacy

  • Free Elective (Details​)

  • Free Elective (Details​)


Programme Specific Courses (36 Credits)

  • Introduction to Psychology

  • Understanding Sociology

  • Life-span Development

  • Communication and Interpersonal Relations

  • Introduction to Guidance and Counselling

  • Programme Planning and Management

  • Group Guidance

  • Understanding Mental Illness

  • Practical Skills Workshop and Service Learning

  • Crisis Intervention Methods

  • Understanding Social Problem and Social Welfare

  • Exploring Social Psychology


Apart from Chinese courses and courses which require students to have working knowledge of Chinese, all courses are normally taught in English.

Articulation Prospects

The College has established an articulation agreement with the following overseas universities for our graduates to articulate to the following degree programmes:

  • Bachelor of Social Sciences (Hons) in Counselling Studies (Year 2), University of Huddersfield

  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Wesleyan College (Graduates will be considered for tuition scholarships up to 50 % of tuition based on grades, recommendations and interviews.)

The College has established an articulation agreement with Hong Kong Shue Yan University for our graduates to articulate to the following degree programmes:

  • Bachelor of Social Sciences (Hons) in Counselling and Psychology (Year 2)

  • Bachelor of Social Sciences (Hons) in Psychology (Year 2)

Some recent graduates of this programme were admitted to the following Bachelor’s Degree programmes:

  • Bachelor of Social Sciences in Psychology, City University of Hong Kong

  • Bachelor of Social Work (Hons), Hong Kong Baptist University

  • Bachelor of Social Sciences (Hons) in Social Policy, Hong Kong Baptist University

Career Prospects

  • Counselling

  • Family Services

  • Social Services

  • Student Service Officers

  • Teaching Assistants

Teaching and Learning Support

Service Learning at Neighbourhood Elderly Centre
Since February 2021, 21 students of Higher Diploma in Psychology (Guidance and Counselling) have served their internship at Fu Tai Neighbourhood Elderly Centre of The Neighbourhood Advice-action Council for three months. They have applied group activity leading and planning knowledge, as well as counselling and communication skills learnt from class to the service.
The students organised leisure activities for the elderly like birthday parties and games. They also taught the elders to use e-learning and social media platforms, enhancing their digital technology application skills, to narrow distance between the elders and people in the community under the Covid-19 pandemic.


The elderly engaged in their birthday party held by the students.

The students and the elderly had a photo taken before the start of a puzzle.

The students taught the elderly to attend online classes through Zoom. The elderly can learn at home then!

The student taught the elder to connect with others by using social media platform.

Dr. Cheung Yim from Department of Counselling and Psychology, Hong Kong Shue Yan University, was invited to hold a talk named “Psychology and counselling: AI resistant and AI irreplaceable job” and share articulation information with students of Associate of Social Sciences (Psychology) and Higher Diploma in Psychology (Guidance and Counselling) at LIFE on 16 October 2020. The students not only learnt more about psychology and counselling, but also articulation pathways.

Dr. Cheung Yim from Department of Counselling and Psychology, Hong Kong Shue Yan University

Hong Kong Shue Yan University representative shared articulation information with LIFE students.

In April 2020, LIFE arranged students of Higher Diploma in Psychology (Guidance and Counselling) to work on “WeLiNK” activity organized by a social enterprise, Wofoo Leaders' Network, to help the elderly and students to combat COVID-19.

To reduce e-Learning barriers faced by students during class suspension period, LIFE students designed classes for students, offered administrative support to teaching consultants and worked together with the teaching consultants to teach students with special educational needs. To help students to overcome anti-pandemic fatigue, LIFE students created some interesting card games. On the other hand, LIFE students visited and distributed disinfectant packs to the elderly in the community. They served over 50 low-income families and 100 elders in just a month.

LIFE students shared their views with the college lecturer and social enterprise staff in time of group evaluation at the end of each activity, which made their learning and service experience memorable. In this internship, the students applied theory into practice. They learnt more about the operation and service mission of the social enterprise and the community needs of different people in the district through direct communication with service users, strengthening the sense of community belonging.

Students packed disinfectant packs.

Students visited and distributed disinfectant packs to the elderly in the community.

LIFE students created some interesting card games to help students to overcome anti-pandemic fatigue.

活用心理學 情理兼備 助人助己

Workshop for Service Learning

A Workshop for Service Learning by Student Affairs and Learning Experiences Division was arranged for Year 2 students of Higher Diploma in Psychology (Guidance and Counselling) on 15 March 2018.
Through different psychological tests and interactive activities, students could enhance their self-understanding, strengths, empathy and so as to better perform and develop communication skills with others during service learning.

Training Workshop for Service Learning by New Life Rehabilitation Center

A training workshop for service learning by New Life Rehabilitation Centre was organized for students of Higher Diploma in Psychology (Guidance and Counselling) on 16 March 2017.  Through various group discussion and games, students could enhance their communication skills and team spirit.  Students also shared their experience gained from their internship during the workshop.

輔導服務需求殷切 三大心理學課程培育專才



The following scholarships were available for students with outstanding performance in academic studies, great achievement in extra-curricular activities and/or valuable contribution to the College/University/Community:

  • Lingnan Club Scholarship
  • Lingnan Education Organization Scholarship
  • Lingnan University Alumni Association (Hong Kong) Scholarship

Continued Education Fund (CEF)

This course has been included in the list of reimbursable courses under the Continuing Education Fund.
This course/ The mother course (Title of Qualification) of this module is recognised under the Qualifications Framework (QF Level [4]).

QR Registration No.: 14/003479/L4
QR Registration QR Registration Validity Period: 01/05/2014 To On-going

For details, please refer to "Continued Education Fund (CEF)" in our website.

Graduate Sharing



  • 2020年心理學(諮商與輔導)高級文憑課程畢業生
  • 香港教育大學心理學(榮譽)社會科學學士課程三年級


  • 2019年心理學(諮詢與輔導)高級文憑課程畢業生
  • 升讀香港嶺南大學心理學(榮譽)社會科學學士課程三年級
我慶幸自己選擇了嶺南持續進修學院的心理學課程,在這裏培養了我對心理學的興趣,亦感謝每位老師對我的鼓勵,他們願意認真解答我的問題,也提供了良好的學習氣氛。因此,畢業後我仍選擇繼續在嶺南大學修讀心理學學士課程。 在升上本部後,大學生活比我想像中更忙碌,但亦十分充實。 課程內容豐富,能吸收到我在高級文憑時沒有學到的知識,英文水平也在不斷的提高。


  • 2018年心理學(諮商與輔導)高級文憑課程畢業生
  • 升讀香港公開大學心理學榮譽社會科學學士課程三年級
Sit Ka Yan

Sit Ka Yan

  • Graduate of Higher Diploma in Psychology (Guidance and Counselling) 2018
  • Year 1, Bachelor of Social Science in Gender Studies, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
I was glad that I had articulated to the university and deepened self-understanding after my 2-year study at LIFE. At first, I was worried that I could not catch up with the class. Luckily, the lecturers were so nice that they were willing to answer our questions and provide valuable advice on academic and career planning. I used to be nervous about my study and suffered from huge pressure for a long time. The lecturer came to talk to me during the class and shared with me how to get a balance between study and leisure, in which I understood I had to relax sometimes. In addition, the programme offers internship opportunities and valuable practical experience which makes me more passionate in Psychology and allows me to determine in achieving my dream! The experience and knowledge gained at LIFE has made me more mature and equipped myself to handle the courses at university as well as enhancing my self-confidence. I believe I will have the ability to overcome the challenges and difficulties encountered in the future.