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LingnanU Elder Academy Programme – AY1920 Student Representatives Announcement
Please note that we did not receive any Election form, therefore, with the consent of each of the student representatives of the previous year, all of them will continue in office for another year.  The list of student representatives for the AY1920 is as follows:
Student Representatives
LEE Wor Kuen
SHUM Man Chuen
WONG Chui Yuk
Updated on October 18th, 2019

LingnanU Elder Academy Programme – Collection of Student Card and Certificate

For those who have submitted an application for renewal of student card or becoming a new member, you may come to the office to collect the new student card and confirm your personal details.   Besides, for those who had attended course(s) previously and reached certain attendance rate, you may come and collect the relevant certificate(s) as well, thank you.  
Updated on September 24th, 2019


Register to become a Senior Learner

Application requirements: Hong Kong citizens aged 55 or above
Application Fee: Free of Charge
Validation Period: Three years

Application Period: Twice a year*; in July
 & in Decemeber 

Only registered learners are eligible to apply for the Sit-in Programme, Practical Courses for Third Agers, and any LUEA events.

Application Period: Now until 31 December 2019

Application is Closed

Sit-in Programme

This project aims at fostering active participation of the elderly in school activities and lessons, and the intergenerational harmony through learn-and-teach dual identity in Elder Academy activities as well as promoting life-long learning and successful ageing by "Through Train" Learning Model. Thanks to the support from many professors at Lingnan University, seats are reserved for Sit-in Programme participants in undergraduate courses. The Sit-in Programme will be launched in the first and second semesters, with each subject lasting for one semester (around 12 weeks). The elderly enrolled in the Sit-in Program will have lessons together with the university students and have access to university library. No examination is required and a Certificate of Attendance will be presented to the Sit-in Programme participants with over 80% attendance.

Course Details
Please click here 
(Chinese only) for the details of the provided courses. 

Application Details
Please read the Application Note 
 (Chinese only) carefully before filling in the application form.

Application Deadline
12 December 2019 at 11:59PM

Application is Closed

Practical Courses for the Third Agers

The LIFE LingnanU Elder Academy Programme is sponsored by the Elder Academy Development Foundation to hold the "Practical course for the third agers". The Practical courses cover three major areas of application, (1) modern knowledge and application of science and technology, (2) application of Chinese and Western culture and active ageing, and (3) philosophy and intergeneration culture. The Practical courses, together with the sit-in programmes, provide a more tailored curriculum for the elderly to enrich their lives and integrate what they have learned.

Course Details

Please CLICK HERE (Chinese only) for the details of the provided courses .

Application Details
Please read the Application Note (Chinese only) carefully before filling in the application form.

Application Deadline:

24 May 2019 (5:30pm)
Application is Closed


Lingnan Institute of Further Education
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The NT West Elder Academies Cluster was established in 2011 to co-ordinate the operation and curriculum development of the elder academy in the western New Territories. It was encouraging that the number of elders joining the network has increased from 10 elder schools to 51. In order to enable the elderly to exert their role of "active ageing", the NT West Elder Academies Cluster provides diversified learning activities such as visits, seminars, camps to the Elderly, in which the Elderly can enjoy and enrich their learning experience and personal sociality.