Lingnan University Staff, Alumni & Student Discount Scheme

Lingnan Institute of Further Education (LIFE) has always encouraged continuing education, and therefore providing the waiver of application fee for all full-time staff, alumni, and students of LIFE enrolling in Professional Diploma, Diploma and Certificate of Lifelong Learning Programmes. 
Eligibility for application: 
1. Full-time staff and students of Lingnan University or LIFE
2. Lingnan University alumni 
3. LIFE Alumni of Higher Diploma / Associate Degree / Professional Diploma / Diploma / Certificate 
Please also refer to the details of short courses for any given discounts on tuition fee. 
Tuition Fee Discount Scheme given to Lingnan University staff, alumni and students is only applicable to enrolment of short courses and is NOT applicable to enrolment of Continuing Education Fund (CEF) programmes. 
Applicants, at the time of application, must complete the application form and provide copies of all relevant documents for verification (e.g. Lingnan University Staff Card, Lingnan University Graduation Certificate, LIFE Graduation Certificate, Lingnan University (LU) Mastercard & Lingnan University Library Card, etc.), otherwise the applicant will not be considered for any discount on tuition fee or any waiver of application fee.