What is LEAP?
Life Enrichment and Appreciation Programme (LEAP) is an integrated learning programme. It aims at nurturing students to be global citizens by broadening their scope and enhancing all-round development from different learning experiences.

The completion of the Life Enrichment and Appreciation Programme (LEAP) is one of the graduation requirements for Associate Degree (AD) students. The whole Programme comprises seminars and recognized activities. All AD students admitted in 2020-21 must obtain 20 LEAP points in their two years of studies.

LEAP Requirements for Associate Degree (AD) Students
AD students must fulfill the minimum requirements of the LEAP programme in order to graduate.

For AD students admitted from 2015-16 onwards:


Event Number of Points Total Number of Points Required
Seminars/ recognized activities 1-5 20 LEAP Points
(Roughly equivalent to 10 seminars)
Total 20 LEAP Points

For Guidelines of LEAP, please click HERE.