The learning resources and facilities are provided to support the teaching and learning activities in LIFE.  We offer a wide range of learning materials including books, online journals, e-book, reference books in Learning Resources Centre (LRC) and Self-Access Language Centre (SALC) which are located at LCH215A and LCH215 respectively.  In addition, Learning Commons located in LCH316 is well furnished to provide an environment conducive to study and leisure reading.


The learning resources facilities are open to all LIFE full-time students and staff upon the presentation of a valid Student Card/Library Card.  They must not be transferred to, or used on behalf of another person.  LIFE staff member shall have the authority to request a user to provide his/her valid Staff Card/Student Card/Library Card for identification.  Admission may be rejected if a valid card cannot be shown.

Conduct of Users

  1. All users should follow the instructions on the proper use of the learning resources facilities as displayed inside the rooms or given verbally by the staff.  All users should conduct themselves in a manner that does not interfere with the comfort or use of the rooms by others.
  2. Eating, drinking, smoking, taking photographs and playing games are not permitted inside the rooms.
  3. Silence must be observed inside the rooms. 
  4. Users are strictly prohibited from using pagers, mobile phones, etc. in the learning resources facilities.  These devices should be muted before entering the rooms.    
  5. All furniture, equipment and resources materials must be kept clean.  The full replacement cost will be charged for any damage caused by users.
  6. Copyright law should be strictly observed when reproducing materials, whether by photocopying or by electronic means.  Users are fully responsible for any legal consequences concerning infringement of copyright that may arise.
  7. Computers inside the learning resources facilities are provided for educational purposes.  It is not allowed to use the computers for playing computer games and downloading unauthorized software and any illegal activities over the network.


  1. Photocopying and Printing
    1.1   Octopus card photocopying machines are available at below rooms.

    Service Charges:  
    Printing Type/Size Single-Sided Double-Sided
    A4 B&W (LCH 215, 215A and 316) HK$0.3 per page HK$0.6 per sheet
    A3 B&W (LCH 215, 215A and 316) HK$0.6 per page HK$1.2 per sheet
    A4 Colour (LCH 206A) HK$2.5 per page HK$5 per sheet
    A3 Colour (LCH 206A) HK$4 per page HK$8 per sheet

    1.2   GREEN PRINTING TIPS: All Octopus Black & White printers are configured with DOUBLE-SIDED printing by DEFAULT.  You can switch to single-sided or double-sided printing if needed.  Please make sure that you have selected printing mode before sending your print job. 

    1.3   Copyright laws must be observed when printing documents at the workstations.  Illegal photocopying of copyrighted materials is strictly prohibited.  Users are fully responsible for any legal consequences concerning copyright which may arise. 
  1. Notebook, Tablet and Kindle borrowing service
    Notebook computers, tablets and Kindles are available for loan to students at the counter of LRC. Borrowers are requested to check the equipment before they borrow.