As a vocational-orientated institution, the development of further connection and cooperation with industrial companies and the provision of internships to students are considered to be essential to Lingnan Institute of Further Education (LIFE).
Accessing top talent through an internship programme is a smart business.  In addition to providing a rich learning environment for students, employers would benefit in many ways.  Internships are a cost-effective way to recruit and evaluate potential employees, and interns bring a fresh perspective to problem solving.  We see and aspire to nurture the potentials of students and will be delighted to ally the employers to walk with them through this journey together.


An internship provides students with an opportunity to apply general education knowledge and skills which include interpersonal, teamwork, analytical problem solving and communication skills in a real workplace setting and gain hands-on experience and practical exposure.

List of Our Internship Partners

  • Bilok Anglo-Chinese Kindergarten (Lung Sum Avenue)
  • Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong
  • Chung Lung Basketball
  • Creative Kindergarten (Aegean Coast)
  • Eastern Sports Club
  • Fukien Men Basketball Team
  • Haven of Hope Christian Service
  • Hong Kong (Ascot) Preschool & Playschool
  • Hong Kong Preschool & Playschool (Pictorial)
  • Kwun Tong Swimming Club
  • Kiu Lian Basketball Team
  • Lingnan Kindergarten (Siu Sai Wan)
  • Lok Sin Tong Cheung Yip Mou Ching Kindergarten
  • New Jade Elementi Kindergarten and International Nursery
  • Plaza Premium Lounge
  • Po Leung Kuk Hong Kong
  • Shaukiwan Kai Fong Welfare Community Centre Cheung Kam Tim Memorial Kindergarten
  • Shun Tak Fraternal Association Tuen Mun Leung Lee Sau Yu Kindergarten
  • S.K.H. Crown of Thorns Church Kwai Chung Kindergarten
  • Swindon Book Co. Ltd.
  • The Alliance Kindergarten
  • The Hong Kong Council of Social Service - Social Enterprise Business Centre
  • The Salvation Army Kam Tin Nursery School
  • The Salvation Army Lok Man Nursery School
  • The YMCA of Hong Kong
  • Tin King Estate Baptist Lui Kwok Pat Fong Kindergarten
  • Tin Shui Wai Rugby Football Club
  • weSport
  • Wise Le Sage Anglo-Chinese Kindergarten
  • Yan Chai Hospital
  • Yau Chun Volleyball Team
  • Yuen Long Town Hall Support Service Centre for Ethnic Minorities

Feedback from Internship Employers

Box Hill (HK) International Kindergarten & Preschool
“I would like to express my deepest gratitude to the student interns for facilitating special events such as Open Day and Graduation Ceremony.  The potentials and qualities of being good early childhood practitioners of student interns were witnessed throughout the events.  They were punctual, well-mannered, patient to the children, as well as being energetic and eager to learn and help.”
Hong Kong (Ascot) Preschool & Playschool
Hong Kong Preschool & Playschool (Pictorial)

“Please extend our appreciation to the student interns involved, for their time, effort, hard work and dedication to the care of our students.”
Po Leung Kuk Cho Kwai Chee Energetic Youth Club
“The student interns were relatively passive at the beginning.  However, they improved obviously after being familiar with the environment.  They were willing to take the job arrangement and able to undertake the work independently, carefully and properly.  In addition, some of them were soon able to adapt to the new environment and provided assistance on their own initiative.  Their performance was mature and responsible.  They had shown their care to the characters and learning needs of each service user.  We appreciated that they were willing to ask and worked efficiently with limited time.”
Po Leung Kuk Chow Shiu Chor Memorial Youth Development Centre
“The student interns worked with high efficiency and there was a significant progress in their design and communication skills.  They spontaneously proposed holding activities.  In the meantime, they need to pay more attention to time management and improve the group skills.”
Po Leung Kuk Life Planning & Financial Education Centre
“The student interns were confident and assertive.  They valued individual performance so they completed the assigned tasks with best efforts.  Their creativity brought an advantage in handling administrative tasks such as clerical work and data compilation.  Their thought and vision had been broadened by learning more about the service concept and design principles from senior colleagues.  Being more sophisticated will widen their future career path. There were also some introverted students as well but they handled their duties seriously and carefully.  They could give very good insights under the encouragement with mature and appropriate performance.  They would be able to play an important role in the workplace by increasing self-confidence in the future and accumulation of experience.”
Shaukiwan Kai Fong Welfare Community Centre Cheung Kam Tim Memorial Kindergarten
“The three student interns showed their strengths during the fieldwork practice.  In addition to learning hard, submitting teaching plans and evaluation on time, they also actively assisted the school's activities.  They were brave to accept challenges and bought team spirit into full play.  Their outstanding performance has been highly valued by us and we wish them a bright future.”
The YMCA of Hong Kong
“The student intern was willing to learn, adapt to our working environment and share the workload burden.  After the first two weeks, she was already familiar with our operation and always thought ahead in helping us from paper work to logistics.  She is an organized person and helped us to sort out a huge amount of programme materials.  She also utilized her expertise in helping to communicate with Japanese parent and kids.  She is always sincere in handling parent's enquiries.”

Yuen Long Town Hall Support Service Centre For Ethnic Minorities
“The student intern exhibited exceptional personal qualities in working with people and colleagues.  She was understanding and enthusiastic in her daily contact with clients.”

Sharing of Student Interns

Chan Wai Yee, Wendy
Internship Organization: Po Leung Kuk Chow Shiu Chor Memorial Youth Development Centre
Internship Position: Programme Assistant
“I would like to thank my internship instructors and organization as they provided a lot of support and chances to me.  Through the internship, I understood that there is a lot of preparation work for organizing an activity.  I highly recommend the internship to all of you.”
Chan Wing Yan, Viann
Internship Organization: Po Leung Kuk Life Planning & Financial Education Centre
Internship Position: Summer Program Worker
“During the internship, my supervisor provided various job duties such as reporting and calculating which the general duties of full-time staffs are.  It allowed me to have a better understanding of the industry and clarify my job preference.”
Cheung Wai Ling
Internship Organization: S.K.H. St. Peter’s Church Castle Peak Siu Lun Court Kindergarten
Internship Position: Student Teacher
“I am very grateful to the internship opportunities offered by LIFE.  I’ve learnt about the operation of a kindergarten.  I also understood how teachers guide and nurture the independency and learning abilities of children through different teaching strategies.  I definitely wish to become the enlightener of young kids.”
Kwok Lai Yam, Yan
Internship Organization: Swindon Book Co., Ltd.
Internship Position: Clerical Assistant
“Through the internship, I discovered and improved my weaknesses such as time management and carefulness.  I highly appreciated the chances provided by my internship organization and supervisor.”
Lau Kwan Yee
Internship Organization: CUHKFAA Shun Lung Yan Chak Kindergarten、Hong Kong (Ascot) Preschool & Playschool
Internship Position: Student Teacher
“I had my internship in both non-profit-making kindergarten and private international preschool.  I have learnt about different models of kindergarten and knew more about which one I am suitable for.  Do everything with a positive attitude will surely be seen and felt, and at least will not make you regret it.”
Lo Pui Yu
Internship Organization: New Jade Elementi Kindergarten and International Nursery
Internship Position: Student Teacher
“The kindergarten gave me a variety of learning opportunities such as dealing with the daily work of the school and was willing to accept me as a part of the school during my internship.  The teachers of the kindergarten also provided me different suggestions and I benefited a lot.  They also encouraged me to become a good kindergarten teacher.”
Lo Yuk Mei, Nicky
Internship Organization: YMCA of Hong Kong
Internship Position: Office Assistant
“I am thankful for the internship opportunity provided by YMCA of Hong Kong.  It did not only provide me with chances to learn, but also let me make new friends from various colleges.  Furthermore, my colleagues, especially my supervisor, were so kind that allowed me to soon adapt to a new environment.  I enjoyed the internship even there were many challenges as these things allowed me to understand the strength and weakness of myself so that I could have a better preparation for my future career.”
Mariyam Ghafar
Internship Organization: Yuen Long Town Hall Support Service Centre for Ethnic Minority
Internship Position: Summer Programme Worker
“Internship is a starting of your professional career.  I am an ethnic minority who has lots of difficulties to find a job In society specially with a Hijab (head scarf) on. 
I really had a great opportunity studying in LIFE, and having known to this General Internship Programme.  I have learnt a lot of things especially on confidence and having good communication skills.  Adding on I did not only learn about work life but I also learnt about daily life through this programme.  For example, internship made me realize being punctual is very important in life, or things go very fast and you won’t even realize you will be left behind.  The best thing about this programme is it gives us practical practice like helping us improve our CV and do a mock interview until we see our mistakes.  We had lots of meaningful workshops and challenges/games which can make us improve our skills.  I strongly recommend my younger peers to join this programme.  It is a very good opportunity to begin your career life, cherish it.”
Ng Sum Yu, Sammy
Internship Organization: Swindon Book Co., Ltd.
Internship Position: Clerical Assistant
“During the internship, I learned the importance of conscious as it enhances my work efficiency.  I would like to express my thanks to my supervisor as she helped me a lot.  I highly recommend the General Internship Programme to our classmates.”
Sayyeda Mahhum Ali
Internship Organization: SA Catherine Booth Nursery School、Lok Sin Tong Tang Tak Lim Kindergarten
Internship Position: Student Teacher
“Thanks LIFE, teachers, kids and even parents from the internship organizations for bringing me wonderful memories, which will be the most precious part of my life.  These experiences were very important to my future life.  I have the courage to face the unknown journey of life in the future.”
Wong Kam Pong, Paul
Internship Organization: Diamond Hill Baptist Church Bright Blossoms Kindergarten、New Jade Elementi Kindergarten and International Nursery
Internship Position: Student Teacher
“Thanks LIFE and the internship organizations for providing me a valuable chance to try and let me practice what I have learnt in the classroom.  The kindergarten teacher gave me practical advice and detailed explanations about my teaching plan such as how the child's personality, seating arrangements and goals affect the activities.  I have learnt to design the teaching plan from different angles.”
Wong Tsz On, Jason
Internship Organization: Lingnan Kindergarten (Siu Sai Wan)、The Salvation Army Lok Man Nursery School
Internship Position: Student Teacher
“Thanks LIFE for providing me various support and advice before my internship.  I had a better understanding about different teaching methods of each kindergartens and institution and had put what I have learnt into practice.  I would like to thank the two internship kindergartens for giving me so many opportunities to lead the event in order to know more about my shortcomings for improvement.  The experience gained in the internships had helped me a lot for preparing career or articulation in the future.”
Wu Ka Ying, Gianna
Internship Organization: Tin King Estate Baptist Lui Kwok Pat Fong Kindergarten、CUHKFAA Shun Lung Yan Chak Kindergarten
Internship Position: Student Teacher
“Throughout the internship, LIFE and the internship kindergartens provided various support to me.  For example, the instructor gave me practical advice when I needed to design a teaching plan.  In addition, I had the opportunity to participate in different types of school activities such as birthday parties, picnics and graduation ceremonies so that I could better understand the working environment of kindergartens and would be of great help to my future career.”
Zhou Zishan
Internship Organization: Hong Kong (Ascot) Preschool & Playschool、CUHKFAA Shun Lung Yan Chak Kindergarten
Internship Position: Student Teacher
“Although the 10-week fieldwork practice is such a short period, I have gained a lot of memories and experience.  I have learnt practical teaching techniques such as leading activities, telling stories, getting along with kids and managing the daily route of children, etc.  All of these were the opportunity to strengthen professional knowledge.  Every child has different personality, so I need to improve my observation skill and understand their traits to solve their problem.  I have to continue to learn with humility, to review and self-examine all the time.  I hope I could help the children develop and grow in all aspects with a simple and sincere heart.  Finally, I would like to thank LIFE and the internship kindergartens for giving me the opportunity and for their tolerance and teaching.”

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