1. Loan Quota and Period: The borrowers are required to observe the loan quota and period of different items as follows:
Items Loan Quota Loan Period Renewal
Books 3 14 days 2 times
Notebook, Kindle and Tablet 1 1 day No
  1. Borrowers are requested to check books before they borrow.  Missing or torn pages should be reported immediately. Borrowers shall be held responsible for any loss, mutilation, damage or disfigurement of their loans.
  2. Return: All loan items/equipment should be returned to the LRC Counter on or before the due dates. Borrowers are required to back-up and delete your own file(s) after use of notebook computer.
  3. Overdue fines: An overdue fine calculable immediately from the day following the due date (excluding days when the LRC and SALC are closed) will be charged at the following rates:
Overdue Items Fine Maximum Fine
Books $2 per item per day $120
Kindle and Tablet $50 per item per day $500
Notebook computer $50 per item per day $500
  1. The overdue fine, if any will continue to accumulate until the items are found or confirmed lost by the borrower. All fines should be settled when overdue loans are returned. 
  2. Non-payment of fines or non-return of overdue items:  Students are responsible for returning all loans and settling any outstanding fines before withdrawal or graduation from LIFE. Non-payment of fines or non-return of overdue items will lead to suspension of further borrowing. Non-payment of outstanding fines will also lead to the withholding of students’ study transcripts, award certificates and related certification by LIFE.
  3. Long overdue loan: Any loan that has reached the maximum overdue fine will be assumed lost. The borrower will have to pay for a replacement cost, which is stipulated in the Regulation 8. 
  4. Replacement Cost: The cost of replacement with an additional processing fee (HK$100) plus any accumulated or maximum fine will be charged. If the cost of replacement cannot be verified (e.g. gift or out of print title), an average book price of HK$500 will be charged. Damaged or lost items shall remain the property of LIFE and borrowers may not keep the damaged items even if the replacement costs have been paid.