#Higher Diploma in Health and Social Services(Subject to Approval)#

Key Features

  • Equipping students with professional knowledge and skills in health care and social services with modern technology

  • Preparing students to become registered health workers in Hong Kong

  • Providing an 80-hour clinical practicum in a residential care home and disabled home with supervision by registered nurses

  • Providing an articulation to the Health and Social Services Management Stream for Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) programme at Lingnan University

Programme Objectives

  • To equip students with knowledge and skills to be qualified as Health Worker or to pursue jobs in health and social services such as welfare worker and program assistant

  • To equip students with essential skills to work with older people, disabled people and other service users such as children, young people, deprived social groups and vulnerable adults

  • To give a solid foundation to students to pursue further studies in social work, nursing, education and other health and social services subjects

Programme Learning Outcomes

Upon completion, students will be able to:​
  • explain the relevant psychological concepts and theories about human development;
  • develop and implement appropriate programme and intervention strategies for students with special educational needs after identifying their characteristics and needs;
  • analyze the relationship between motivation and learning in group;
  • apply theoretical knowledge in educational psychology, education policy and administration in educational setting;
  • demonstrate proficiency in the use of English and Chinese languages and communicate effectively for further studies or work; and
  • apply creative problem-solving, IT applications, and critical thinking skills for handling further studies or career pursuits.


General Education (24 Credits)

  • General English

  • English for Oral Academic Communication

  • Business Communication

  • Chinese Language (Putonghua) for Communication I

  • Chinese Language (Putonghua) for Communication II

  • Introduction to Information Literacy

  • Free Elective (Details​)

  • Free Elective (Details​)


Programme Specific Courses (42 Credits)

  • Introduction to Guidance and Counselling

  • Programme Planning and Management

  • Social Policy

  • Understanding Mental Illness

  • Introduction to Social Services in Hong Kong

  • Introduction to Public Health

  • Integrative Health Care Training I (6 Credits)

  • Integrative Health Care Training II (6 Credits)

  • Clinical Practicum (6 Credits)

  • Healthcare-Technology Innovation [Service-Learning]

  • Introduction to Human-Centred Design & Technology


Apart from Chinese courses and courses which require students to have working knowledge of Chinese, all courses are normally taught in English.

Articulation Prospects

Graduates are eligible to apply for admission to the local or overseas Bachelor’s Degree programmes, such as:

  • Bachelor of Science in Gerontology, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

  • Bachelor of Social Sciences (Hons), Lingnan University

Career Prospects

  • Elderly Services

  • Elderly-related Industry

  • Social Services