Applied Psychology

Taster Programme

Course Leaflet

Course Objective

APL aims to:

  • enable students to understand fundamental theories and concepts through application and practice, and to develop their generic skills in authentic contexts; and
  •  provide students with opportunities to explore their career aspirations and orientation for career development and lifelong learning in specific areas,

Course Overview

This course develops among students fundamental knowledge and interest in the field of psychology, and provides an overview of the profession of psychology in Hong Kong. Diverse areas in psychology, such as principles of research design, personality development, mental health, and stress and conflict management will be covered. Students who have completed the course will be able to apply the acquired concepts and skills to daily life as well as social and professional contexts, in addition to enhancing their self-understanding and personal growth.

Course Features

  • In Applied Psychology, student-centered learning and teaching activities are designed to enable students to understand the fundamental theories and concepts, develop their generic skills, and address their career aspirations in applied psychology.

  • Different modes of activities are employed in Applied Psychology to provide students with a systematic understanding about the context (e.g. lectures on the overview of applied psychology in various professional contexts in Hong Kong) and eye-opening opportunities to experience the complexity of the context (e.g. career talks by clinical psychologists and visits).

  • Students acquire an understanding of the requirements and fundamental knowledge and skills essential to enable further learning within the area through learning-by-practising opportunities in an authentic or near-authentic environment (e.g. service learning activities to apply psychological principles and techniques in different community settings for various purposes, such as designing educational programme to promote the importance of mental health).

  • Students are also encouraged to develop and apply conceptual, practical and reflective skills to demonstrate innovation and entrepreneurship (e.g. in case study, students apply psychological concepts and principles to analyze human behavior in daily life contexts and make suggestions on solutions or improvements). Students are given opportunities to synergize their studies and integrate the knowledge and skills acquired (e.g. in the Integrated Project, students select a topic of their choice, conduct a literature review, formulate a hypothesis for empirical investigation, develop a research design, collect and analyze data, interpret results and make recommendations).

Course Structure

  • For 21 - 23 Cohort Only 

  • For 22-24 Early Course Commencement 

Announcement (For Current Students)

Reference Table for Grades  


Class Schedule

                   2022-2024 Cohort 
(Course Commencement at Secondary 4)
            2022-2024 Cohort          
Class KY Class LA
Class KZ Class LB
  Class LD
  Class LE
  Class LF
                  2023-2025 Cohort
(Course Commencement at Secondary 4)
            2023-2025 Cohort          
Class LY Class MA
Class LZ Class MB
  Class MC
  Class MD
  Class ME
  Class MF
2024-2026 Cohort 
(Course Commencement at Secondary 4)
Class NA
Class NB