Practical Translation (CHI-ENG)

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Course Objective

ApL aims to:

  • enable students to understand fundamental theories and concepts through application and practice, and to develop their generic skills in authentic contexts; and
  •  provide students with opportunities to explore their career aspirations and orientation for career development and lifelong learning in specific areas,

Course Overview

In Practical Translation (CHI-ENG), student-centred learning and teaching activities are designed to enable students to understand fundamental theories and concepts, develop their generic skills, and address their career aspirations in translation.

Course Features

  • Different modes of activities are employed to provide students with a systematic understanding about the context (e.g. role-plays and debates on whether machine translation can replace human translation) and eye-opening opportunities to experience the complexity of the context (e.g. sharing by industry professionals and visiting translation companies to understand the operations of the field).
  • Students acquire an understanding of the requirements, fundamental knowledge and skills essential for further learning within the area through learning-by-practising opportunities in an authentic or near-authentic environment (e.g. applying the practical translation theories when translating different texts, understanding the translation requirements in the workplace and conducting case studies).

Course Structure

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    2022-2024 Cohort     
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